Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Year, New Schools

Andrew went to our local elementary school last year and we homeschooled Joe. Lillie went to a daycare/preschool for a short period of time 2 days a week. We decided to change it up a little this year. We found out about a great school 20 minutes away in a farming town. They have rated outstanding for the last couple of years. They keep their class sizes small and (gasp) I have both Joe and Andrew's teachers cell #'s.!!!! :) Anyways the boys are loving it and both enjoy going there. Here the boys are in the front of the school on thier first day.
 Here is Andrew at his desk. There are 9 kids in his class. It looks so funny seeing a huge classroom, but a small # of desks.

Lillie started at a semi-montessori preschool and she loves it too. She has made many new friends and is already learning letter sounds.
 She joined in and starting playing right away!
 We have also been enjoying one of these lately! :D
This is Myckennly. She is 2 weeks old and is Casey and my great niece. She has been at our house a couple times a week and we love it!

We just had the Pendleton Round Up "Let'R Buck parade and the kids had a good time and caught lots of candy! We also had a wonderful 9/11 breakfast, procession,  and church service followed by a BBQ. It was lovely and hot! The weather has been very hot and I am ready for some cool fall temperatures. Pictures to come when I find my memory card. :(  Hope everyone has had a great summer and you school adventures have been great!

Monday, February 21, 2011

An Idea to Remember

I thought this was a great idea for teaching fruits of the spirit. Smokity Frocks uses a picture of a grape with the "fruits" on it. When her kids show patience, self control, peace, love, joy......the kids are able to put a gold sticker on their chart. If they see a sibling showing one of these traits, they get to put a colored star on the siblings chart. Take a look! Smokity Frocks - Fruit of the Spirit.

Our family has been pretty grumpy and down right selfish lately, so we are going to tackle this!