Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to blogging and moving!

Okay, I am seriously back to blogging! Well, at least I hope I am. I want this for myself and my kids! I want to remember the fun times and help my kids remember. So, I will try my hardest to take pictures of my kids and post and write about our days!

We are moving again. We moved to the current house in October after living in a small hoouse for 5 years. Now we go back to a really small house! Smaller than before. Casey was layed off in January and after lots of thinking and praying we decided to pack up and move to Pendleton. Casey's family is there to help us and be of suppport. Casey is registered to start school in the fall and will get his GED this summer. We hope and pray that I will be able to stay home and be the mom I have always wanted to be. If needed I can take one daycare kid, or get a morning coffee making job. But I really want to try to stay home. Housing prices and cheeper there and their is alot of support for low income families there. We will be able to get a free pass to the aquatic center for the summer because of lay offs. Their children's museum is only $3 to get into versus our $9 price here. I am excited, but also scared about the big change!

More to come and pictures too!