Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are a family that loves baby wearing!

When I saw posts on moms talking about baby wearing, I always though I loved my stroller too much to start wearing Lillie. But as I was doing daycare and could not afford a double stroller, I decided to buy a sling for Lillie. I loved my sling even though sometimes it was hard to use. I then found the mei tai and loved how it looked, but knew I couldn't afford a good one. That is when I started looking on line for paterns. Eventually I found a patern and changed it to look more like a Baby Hawk carrier. Then I went to work. I found an old curtain to use for the fabric and a part of some cool sheets we weren't using anymore. I used one of the think fabric pads you can use to change baby on for head support for a littler baby (the head support was tucked in on this picture for some reason). Doesn't look exactly like a Baby Hawk, but good enough for me!Anways, I have loved my mei tai and am so glad I am a baby wearing mama now! So much that when deciding to go for a walk and pick up the boys at school, I used a stroller for Lillie and she just kept saying that she was going to fall out. She ended up walking the whole way! My oldest boy loves to carry Lillie too. I will post one of him when I can find it! :)
And on another note: Can anyone tell me how to post a picture on blogger and not have it the first thing on my post?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Want to eat healthier this year?

We do and have been doing pretty well! But we really miss certain things. One major one is popcorn with yummy butter, or sauteeing in yummy butter! Well, I just read one of my favorite blogs and Amy is giving away a free bottle of grapeseed oil! SO I had to do some research. The grapeseed oil she is giving away is from Wildtree. I checked out their catalog and yummy, it all looks great! Here is some info from their catolog: " Grapeseed oil is low in saturated fat, even lower than olive oil. It is high in Antioxidents, like vitamin E. It has no colesterol. And there are even studies showing that it helps raise HDL (good colesterol) and lowers LDL (bad colesterol) and may have other health benefits like lowering blood pressure. " Sounds good to me! Amy even gives a couple recipies to use it in! The popcorn idea looks awsome! We love buttery stovetop popcorn! Check it out and get some for yourself!