Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cooking With Lillie - Making Playdough Part 1

This is a playdough recipe that I just love, and Lillie loves making it with me! To make it easy for my 2 year old to help, we first get all the ingredients ready! I put them all in small containers that she can easily poor into the skillet.
FYI : Although the skillet is on the burner, I do not actually turn on the burner till Lillie is done stirring and I move her out of the way! :) Yes, I know kitchen safety!! :)
Here is Lillie patiently waiting for me to get the move on! :)

Stir, stir, stir. This is Lillie favorite thing to do! She is mixing all the dry ingredients together before we add the wet!
I mix the food coloring into the water before we it to the dry ingredients. Stirring is so much fun!

When it starts to look like this, I move Lillie away from the stove, and I turn the burner on and stir some more. So here is the brief pause while I move her.........
Okay, really it is because Blogger will only allow me to use 5 photos at a time! :( Be back in a moment!
Here are all out ingredients ready to go!

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