Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Neighbors

With spring time weather in Eastern Oregon today, it reminded me of some beautiful pictures I took. We used to live in a pretty old house. We didn't like it and for many years wanted to move. What was keeping us was our neighbors. To one side of us was a sweet older couple. We loved them and our kids did too. She always had beautiful flowers growing in her backyard. Roger and Norma traveled to Nebraska every spring and summer to visit family and for many years I was there to tend to her flower and feed their cat. Oh how I miss tending to her flowers and visiting with their cat. We miss their great friendship and learned many wonderful things from our dear neighbors.

Now for the pictures. Oh how I love summer and beautiful flowers!

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Fruitful Harvest said...

What great flowers~
I love zinnias~ {and all the other flowers! LOL}
I can't wait til spring....just a few short weeks away!

Today I went to MOPS and ED HUME the garden goo-roo came to talk!
I got his new book!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today....I hope you will come by again soon!

Peace and Love,