Thursday, June 11, 2009

How things have changed.

We are at a cross roads in our life. It is uplifting, scary, sad, exciting, and refreshing all at the same time. My good friends know that my DH was laid off in January and I took in more daycare kids to help with the bills. This made me exausted and hating my job. Jealous of my DH who was able to sleep in, hang out, and do as he pleases. 5 months went buy of this and after talking to my mother-in-law, I decided to ask my DH about moving to eastern Oregon where things are cheeper and he could go back to school. I could be home with my kids with no distractions. My in-laws live there and they did the dirty work for us. They found out how much things cost there. What the good schools are and found us a cute, little house. We are going from $1200.00 a month rent to $750.00. AHHH and also smaller bills...$50.00 electric bills instead of $200.00. Casey starts school in the fall and is going for his firefighter/paramedic. I am so excited for him. Eventually I will go back to school too. BMCC has a great nursing program! So we are now packing up our things, going through old paperwork, and preparing for a garage sale. I know this move will help us for the future, but I will truly miss my family, friends, and church I have here. :(

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