Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new home and a new begining with the Lord

We just applied for a new home. Not sure if we will get it or not, but it would be nice to have. Much bigger than out house now, and it is on 4 acres with a creek running through it. The wierd part of it is that we would be sharing the property with the owner. They have chickens, a llama and a goat. They will come by 1 day a week and 1 day on the weekend to feed,water and take care of them. That part seems a little strange to me. But I so long for the country that I will take what I can get! Pray that is works out for us how The Lord wants it to.

I wrote that last I am a little scared about it. I don't want to move, but then many days I complain that our house it too small and the layout is hard to work with. I went to write the owener and telll him that we were having doubts and he had written me already. There was one other applicant before us and if they app. goes through we will not get it. Which I am okay with. So we will see on Tues. or Wed. if we are moving.

Church yesterday was nice. Only Lillie Bean and I went. Our assosiate paster spoke. He was good today. I usually don't care for his speaking, but today he did wonderful. It was titles: Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. Mathew 28:16-20 He went to saying
The mission of the church is.....
1. grounded in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (vs. 17)

2. arose out of worshipand must always be centered in worship. (vs.16,17)

3. advanced in the midst of doubters. (vs. 17)

4. in the ruling and reigning Christ. (vs.18)

5. cintrifical in nature. (vs.19)

6. must be understood as global church planting in localized areas. (vs.18)

7. to teach other to obey. (vs. 20)

8. will soon come to an end. (vs.20)

9. undertaken with the presence of the risen Lord.

Ofcourse he went into depth about all of these and I got out of it much. Especially that we need to teach others to obey...How can I teach others if I don't obey myself??? I am working on that today. I have been a Christian my whole life, but never really a full believer. Never have I sat and read my bible. I only pray when the going is really good, or really bad. I WILL CHANGE THIS. And to think..I teach preschool at our church. I want to teach others how to obey because yes, it will soon come to an end. Maybe in my lifetime and maybe not, but I don't want anyone left out when the time comes because I didn't step out of my box and teach them. The learning to obey has now begun.

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